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October 2007 -
Europe: The Past Finds A Future"

Food Arts publishes Colette Rossant's article on the future trends of great foods past.


December 2006 -
Review of The World in My Kitchen
Food Arts reviews Colette's trilogy of memoirs.

May 2006 -
"Let's Do 'Le Lunch' "
There's a new buzz in Paris: have lunch and learn cooking at the same time at the hot new cooking school L'Atelier des Chefs.

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September 2005 -
"Three-Star Pots Tempest: Food Biz in Paris"
An esteemed chef creates havoc by flinging stars back at the Michelin Man.

October 2004 -
"Culinary School, Italian Style"
By the 20th Century, Colorno had become a forgotten suburb of Parma, remaining that way until this past February, when ALMA, La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana, opened its doors to the Palazzo Ducale.

November 2003 -
"Playing with Spices"
Goumanyat is... the name of a unique spice shop established nearly 200 years ago, in 1809, by Jean-Marie Thiercelin in Pithiviers-en-Gatanais in the Loire Valley.